Most modern 4-stroke motorcycle engines have integrated lubrication system to lubricate the engine, gearbox and clutch. The passenger car engine is designed specifically for the cars and might cause severe damage to the Motorcycle engines.

In a passenger car, the engine is separated from the gearbox and the clutch hence different Oils are used which are specific for each mechanical component. For example, the engine oil in a passenger car can be formulated with a variety of friction modifier additives to achieve fuel economy benefits without causing any compatibility problem with the clutch. The gearbox lubricant is also specifically formulated to resist the very high shearing and contact pressures found when the gears are in operation.

This is why CREST offers specific products for individual applications: whether it’s for your 4-stroke motorcycle or passenger car. By choosing the right product, you’re ensuring that the mechanical components of your bike or car are protected by a dedicated lubricant meeting the technical requirements set out by the Original Equipment Manufacturers.