CREST Ultra Max EW 0W-20

Fully Synthetic

A latest generation Fully Synthetic engine oil,offering exceptional engine performance, protection and fuel savings with the latest technology, highly engineered downsized engines that operate with tighter tolerances,requiring a high level of protection and low viscosity oils. The SAPS level ensures the most efficient after-treatment of the engine equipped with Gasoline / Diesel Particulate Filter. A multi-fleet oil conforming to the latest performance standards laid down by the global Car Industry.


  • ACEAC5
  • APISN (RC), API SN Plus (RC)
  • ILSAC GF-5
  • MB 229.71
  • BMW LL17FE+
  • Volvo VCC RBSO-2AE OW-20
  • Jaguar STJLR.51.5122
  • GM OV0401547 (Dexos 2 gen 2)