CREST Power Max Diesel 10W-40


Multi-fleet, heavy-duty diesel engine oil to offer excellent fuel economy and all-around engine protection. It provides excellent protection against deposits in pipes and turbo engine, and improved protection against camshaft wear. Results in energy saving – fuel economy performance. serving as ideal mixed-fleet oil for European, American and Japanese diesel and gasoline engines. Demonstrated protection and performance in high-speed heavy duty diesel engines in both on-highway and off-highway applications. Offers considerable savings in fuel consumption, (compared to SAE 15W40), without compromising on engine protection or increasing oil consumption.


  • APICI-4
  • ACEA: E7/E4
  • MB 228.5
  • MAN M3277
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • MTU Type 3
  • Renault Trucks RLD-2
  • Mack EO-M+
  • Cummins CES 20077/78